Music notation, some standard and some less standard.


Book G is a meta-composition consisting of several things.

Here's everything that has made it in to written form so far, in one big book. 

That is all technical stuff about the mechanics of the system.

There is a lot more to it than that. 

It's kind of a long story...

Book R is five process music transcriptions.

The underlying logic of these pieces has to do with multiple parameter sequences being superimposed.  By 'parameter' I mean things like register, pitch class set, and choice of rhythmic cell.  By 'parameter sequence' I mean a mapping of how each of these parameters vary over time.   This was all worked out and implemented in the Haskell programming language.  Once the logic was working I transcribed the output.  You could think of the standard notation as a realization score, the actual composition as such is in the Haskell code.  

All five pieces in one pdf here.

Book M is a set of flexible form melodies.

Encodings of the logical relationships between a melody's limbs.

Also: fun with graphic design.

In treble clef.

Transposed for B flat instruments.

Transposed for E flat instruments.

In bass clef.

Book T is a set of 24 lead sheets.

This is the material that Thumbknuckle plays.

The notation is something of a mess.  Sorry about that.

In treble clef.

In bass clef.